Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 6 th 2013

sooo, it's been a couple weeks... I was transferred up to Byrd Spring which is in huntsville cause my trainee got her visa then last week I got transferred back to Vestavia Hills with a new trainee Her name is Sister Jackson She is form Farmington Utah and man is she adorable She is 19! I and am officially OLD! :) haha just kidding. So last Monday I found out I was getting transferred back to Vestavia then It's been a blur from there. Thursday I got to drive a brand new Chevy Cruze! only had 2 miles on it, We had to move them from the dealership to the mission office for the vehicle coordinator. Friday we were trying to "find" most of the day and we only got 1 return appointment... but its THIS THURSDAY!!! YAY!!! Saturday we went though the ward directory and tried finding less actives.... one his house had been torn down 2 years ago... WOAH! right? Sunday we were at the church the ENTIRE DAY!!! for Church a linger longer and a fireside... It's been crazy! looking forward to this coming week can't wait to meet all these new people!

Welcome Home

Sister Naylor has had a rough go at it for the last little while. Because of medical conditions that she needs to see her local drs for,  she has been brought home. She has been in a lot of pain and most likely will be staying home for good. She was so sad to say goodbye to the members, new converts and the good people of Alabama. She truly loved it and in the short 6 months of being gone,  she touched many lives and helped many people on their way back to Heavenly Father. The short time she was there,  she served a good purpose and should have no regrets. Who knows why it works out the way it does but Heavenly Father always knows better than us all.  We love you Sister Naylor!

Roll on!