Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Katy hasn't been able send us too much the last two weeks to post but here is what's new this week:

She had a baptism on Saturday and she was SO excited!

This week was great she said and she loves you.

Mormon 8:22 For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall ROLL ON, until all his promises shall be fulfilled.

Monday, January 14, 2013

First Book of Mormon

This week has been another blur! so much teaching!! There are so many people ready to hear the gospel down here, and alot that are not! :D No doors slammed in my face yet but alot of people yelling through doors to go away. My first day tracking we went out for an hour and got 3 appointments! The appointment were for yesterday and only one was home (so normal). We are so hopeful for her though she committed to church next Sunday and to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon.

Yesterday after we taught her there was a crazy RAIN STORM!! it was WARM!!! :D the tornado warning went off for about 2 minutes then stopped. I was soaked from head to foot. Needless to say I will be investing in a raincoat today.

Last week was way warm with a high of 76 I think.. It's cold again though. I live about a mile away from where the big tornado happened back in 2011.

I placed my first Book of Mormon to the attendant in the bike shop! Way cool experience. There is so much work to do! God needs his Missionaries!! I can see why the announcement was made!!

Doing the Lord's work is the best decision I have EVER MADE IN MY LIFE!!

I love you all!

Alma 26:12 "Yea, I know I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever"


-Sister Naylor

Monday, January 7, 2013

Katy's New Address

I haven't quite decided if I should post her apt address on the BLOG cause it's a little sketchy (since it's not a private blog)

She would love to hear from you though!
If you send an email to:


Let me know who you are so I can say "HI"..along with that, I will send you an email right back with her current address (I promise to be fairly quick since it goes right to my phone)...OR... if you want to TYPE up a letter and email it to me, I can print and enclose it in my next snail mail letter to her to save you a stamp :D


First week in Alabama


Tuesday: I flew out at 8:20 am had a layover in Georgia for 45 minutes then hopped onto a SMALL plane to Alabama! (shortest plane ride EVER!! like 15 minutes) We were picked up from the airport and taken to the mission home where they fed us dinner and we interviewed with the Mission President. Then! Lucky us we got to stay in a hotel!! They dropped us off and said we can do what ever, Sleep Study! Whatever we wanted. WEll the sisters in my room at the MTC were the same sisters who I was at the hotel with -one who is serving in Florida. The night before we didn't sleep cause we were packing so as soon and I got to the hotel I changed and jumped right into bed I slept from 7:15- 6:45!! YAY!! I finally got a GREAT night's sleep.

Wednesday: We were picked up at the hotel by Elder and Sister Tyler and taken to the Birmingham Stake center for transfers. Where I learned that My Companion was a temple square sister who hadn't arrived yet be cause she was being transferred that transfer. After all this we went and got lunch(me and my temporary companion who was waiting for her temple square companion as well) we got CHICK FIL A!! My companion finally flew in at 5:30 and I got to meet her about 6:15. Her Name is Sister Eggenberger. I had the privilage of telling her that she is my trainer and that the area we were going to was an area neither of us has ever been. After that a very nice member drove us up to our Appartment which is about and hour and half from Birmingham. My first Area is CAPSHAW, Alabama!! it's the smallest area of our whole mission!
Thursday- Sunday: BLURR!!!!! I couldn't even tell you what has happened the days all jumble together. :D Thankfully sunday was a normalish Sunday the first regular church schedule. I do go to church on Sundays from 9:00- 3:30 because our area covers 2 wards.

Now is PDAY!!! THANK HEAVENS and we are about to play some Ultimate frisbee! Love you all!
THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!! God is Great! the church changes peoples lives! there are so many prepared souls in Alabama!

Love, Sister Naylor!!

BELOW: Sister Murray (AL) and Sister Naylor

BELOW: Sister Lindhardt (AL), Katy, Elder Roberts (MTC), Sister Murray (AL) and Sister David (FL)

BELOW: Sister Naylor, Elder Kunz (OR) and Sister Murray (AL)
Sorry, these were the only 3 she could send me today, but she will be sending me an SD card hopefully this week. :D

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Alabama Birmingham Mission Blog

Katy's mission president is awesome about updating their blog. Here is an update about her in Alabama. It's official, she's there!!!


I'm leaving on a Jet PLANE!! (She wrote this the day before she left)

Even though Katy is now in Alabama, this was the email she sent to everyone reading her blog.

I'm leaving on a jet plane!! tomorrow morning is when it happens!!! I'm so excited to be flying to Alabama tomorrow!! I have recieved alot of letters and a few PKG's please know I got them and will respond as soon as I can! I have just been super busy and haven't had a spare minute to do anything!! So tomorrow night I will be sleeping at the mission home then Wednesday I get to meet my new Companion. I think that means Pday is on Wednesday cause that is transfer day too. I have learned so Much!! It's crazy! I love the MTC but I am so excited to get out of here.
I want to bear my testimony to you all that I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is God's work, That Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! I know that Joseph smith was a true prophet of God and restored this wonderful Church to where it is today! I know that conversion is a continuous process one that we all need to continue to work on and move forward with. I'm so grateful to be here learning how to teach this Glorious gospel. I'm even more grateful for My father in Heavens hand in my life!! I know that Each of you have been placed in my life because God knew I needed your example!!!
GOD is GREAT!! I love you all!!
Sister Naylor

Last Week

So this last week was a really eventful week. I had tons planned. I've been waking up at 5:20 everyday since I got here then not getting to bed until 10:30 which is a super long day I have no idea how people do it!! I can nap on Pdays but that is about it. It's weird how yesterday didn't even feel like Christmas. I hoped you all partied really hard without me. Last night we had a fireside by Greg Olson that famous painter. He has this new painting he is going to release that is Jesus and John the baptist. he showed us an unfinished version of it which was so amazing!! It's Jesus laughing with John. They are so many people here right now waiting to use the computer so I will keep this short. I was privilaged to get my very first cold sore. GROSS!!! They hurt hard core! It has been so great to hear from all the people who have been writing me! Thanks for all the packages,Y'all are amazing! I am so blessed to be here at the MTC and learn everything the lord wants us to teach his children. There are so many amazing lessons to teach, I am so looking forward to get out of this MTC and teach the people of Alabama.

Since I am the coordinating sister I was able to welcome the new people into our zone. Last week was the first week of the younger missionaries coming through there are 6- 18 year old elder's who came into my zone this week and 2- 19 Year old sisters. AT this point in time there are 2031 people here at the MTC starting in February they will have about 4000 people here. Our father in heaven is wonderful. The work is so important.

Love, Sister Naylor

A day in the the MTC

So My usual day:

5:20 : wake up
7:10 :breakfast
I have class twice throughout the day and the times change everyday but I have at least 6 hours of class if not more.
I study for 2-3 hours through out the day
11:45 is lunch
4:45 is dinner
9:30 head back to residence
10:30 lights out and time for bed.

the rest of the time is just filled with everything else from teaching to studying to firesides. My days are full to the max!

-Sister Naylor