Monday, January 7, 2013

First week in Alabama


Tuesday: I flew out at 8:20 am had a layover in Georgia for 45 minutes then hopped onto a SMALL plane to Alabama! (shortest plane ride EVER!! like 15 minutes) We were picked up from the airport and taken to the mission home where they fed us dinner and we interviewed with the Mission President. Then! Lucky us we got to stay in a hotel!! They dropped us off and said we can do what ever, Sleep Study! Whatever we wanted. WEll the sisters in my room at the MTC were the same sisters who I was at the hotel with -one who is serving in Florida. The night before we didn't sleep cause we were packing so as soon and I got to the hotel I changed and jumped right into bed I slept from 7:15- 6:45!! YAY!! I finally got a GREAT night's sleep.

Wednesday: We were picked up at the hotel by Elder and Sister Tyler and taken to the Birmingham Stake center for transfers. Where I learned that My Companion was a temple square sister who hadn't arrived yet be cause she was being transferred that transfer. After all this we went and got lunch(me and my temporary companion who was waiting for her temple square companion as well) we got CHICK FIL A!! My companion finally flew in at 5:30 and I got to meet her about 6:15. Her Name is Sister Eggenberger. I had the privilage of telling her that she is my trainer and that the area we were going to was an area neither of us has ever been. After that a very nice member drove us up to our Appartment which is about and hour and half from Birmingham. My first Area is CAPSHAW, Alabama!! it's the smallest area of our whole mission!
Thursday- Sunday: BLURR!!!!! I couldn't even tell you what has happened the days all jumble together. :D Thankfully sunday was a normalish Sunday the first regular church schedule. I do go to church on Sundays from 9:00- 3:30 because our area covers 2 wards.

Now is PDAY!!! THANK HEAVENS and we are about to play some Ultimate frisbee! Love you all!
THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!! God is Great! the church changes peoples lives! there are so many prepared souls in Alabama!

Love, Sister Naylor!!

BELOW: Sister Murray (AL) and Sister Naylor

BELOW: Sister Lindhardt (AL), Katy, Elder Roberts (MTC), Sister Murray (AL) and Sister David (FL)

BELOW: Sister Naylor, Elder Kunz (OR) and Sister Murray (AL)
Sorry, these were the only 3 she could send me today, but she will be sending me an SD card hopefully this week. :D

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