Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Week

So this last week was a really eventful week. I had tons planned. I've been waking up at 5:20 everyday since I got here then not getting to bed until 10:30 which is a super long day I have no idea how people do it!! I can nap on Pdays but that is about it. It's weird how yesterday didn't even feel like Christmas. I hoped you all partied really hard without me. Last night we had a fireside by Greg Olson that famous painter. He has this new painting he is going to release that is Jesus and John the baptist. he showed us an unfinished version of it which was so amazing!! It's Jesus laughing with John. They are so many people here right now waiting to use the computer so I will keep this short. I was privilaged to get my very first cold sore. GROSS!!! They hurt hard core! It has been so great to hear from all the people who have been writing me! Thanks for all the packages,Y'all are amazing! I am so blessed to be here at the MTC and learn everything the lord wants us to teach his children. There are so many amazing lessons to teach, I am so looking forward to get out of this MTC and teach the people of Alabama.

Since I am the coordinating sister I was able to welcome the new people into our zone. Last week was the first week of the younger missionaries coming through there are 6- 18 year old elder's who came into my zone this week and 2- 19 Year old sisters. AT this point in time there are 2031 people here at the MTC starting in February they will have about 4000 people here. Our father in heaven is wonderful. The work is so important.

Love, Sister Naylor

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