Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week #1 down. God is Great!

HEY!!! It's ME!! Sister Naylor!!!

So the MTC is GREAT!!! I'm loving it so much! I am so excited to just get out into the field though, the other day I started crying because I only have 2 weeks left here. SO LAME!!! I think the very worst part of the MTC is that I can't chew GUM. It's really bumming me out. My companion's name is Sister Murray she is a cutie! she is from Pittsburg Pennsylvania and is going to Birmingham too. So far I feel like I've learned so much, I feel like my head is going to explode with information. The totally just throw you into everything here! I taught my first real investigator yesterday, that was fairly nerve racking. She kind of felt forced into it by her co worker which is sad but she is letting us teach her again so we much have said something right! :D

I just keep having these moment where I will just say to my comp or my roommates that God is GREAT! I'm pretty sure they are so sick of me saying that but it's so true! God is wonderful, there is so much yet to learn. Our conversion has just started! Every Tuesday we have a fireside and last night is was Elder C. Scott Grow of the Seventy who came and spoke. It was such a powerful talk, there is so much I have learned.

Jeffery (my cousin) said in one of his letter's her wrote to me, while I was here, that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days, It's so true I cant even believe it! All my days are running into one another its not a bag thing just very weird to see happening in my own life.

I hope everything is well for each of you! I will be leaving the MTC on 01-01-13! I get to start the new year off right. I'm so very excited! I was made Coordinating sister last Thursday which means I am the go-to for the girls in my zone if they need anything. Two of the districts in my zone left today for minneapolis and I get two new ones this afternoon. YAY!!!!

I love you all so very much! Sorry I couldn't type more but it's time for breakfast and my tummy is RUMBLING!!! :D


Love, Sister Naylor!

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